How to be more effective with your ads

With the advent of digital advertising, advertisers are being forced to compete with each other for more ad dollars, and a lot of them are getting frustrated with the same old ad tactics.

While these tactics are often effective at helping advertisers find the right target audience, some advertisers are finding that they can get away with something a little more clever than the old ad-sending tactics.

In a recent report from the online advertising industry trade group The Digital Advertising Alliance, a survey found that many advertisers were increasingly turning to an approach called the “tribune,” which can involve using social-media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to amplify their content.

“In the digital advertising world, a lot is being made of the fact that advertising is more important than ever,” said Steve Estrada, executive vice president of digital marketing for the industry group.

“So there is a lot more competition for advertisers and the ad business is getting a lot harder.”

Tribunes have become an increasingly popular way for advertisers to leverage social media and online tools, particularly in an age when advertisers can reach far more people online than ever before.

While the concept is not new, the advent to social media has made it possible for many brands to reach a larger audience on a much more regular basis.

The Tribune has become so popular that many brands are starting to incorporate it into their campaigns, even when the campaign has not yet launched.

While this approach is effective for many advertisers, some are finding they have to use a bit more creativity and creativity to make sure their ads get to the right audience.

In the Tribune, the ad has to go through an elaborate vetting process to find out who the right people are and what the audience is looking for.

The Tribune is also known as a tool that allows advertisers to reach an audience on social media.

In some cases, advertisers will use social media platforms to reach out to people who are fans of their brands and who might have shared their interests and passions with the brand.

Other times, advertisers might want to reach new audiences on other platforms such as Google+.

To get an idea of the breadth of social media that is available to advertisers, the DAA surveyed more than 1,000 companies across the United States.

The survey showed that, overall, 80 percent of companies surveyed said they had used social media in some way in the past year.

In addition, 90 percent of respondents said that they use social platforms to engage with people in their community, and that social media also has a large impact on advertising.

The DAA also surveyed companies about their use of online ad tools like the ad hoc marketplace and the social media marketing app Adwords.

While both of these platforms can be used for advertising, the survey found the use of these tools is a much bigger deal in the Tribunes.

The number of Tribunes in use by companies is growing by the day.

Companies are using them to reach their targeted audience on Twitter and Facebook, where they can reach out directly to users and reach out specifically to those who might be interested in what they have been doing.

But they are also increasingly using the Tribes to reach the same audiences in different ways.

For example, some companies have even used the Tribies to reach fans of the company on their Twitter feed.

“You have to be very creative to figure out the right Tribune for a company,” Estradas said.

“The best Tribunes are one-off campaigns, but there are plenty of opportunities for one-offs.”

Companies that are using Tribunes to reach specific audiences on Twitter are also finding that the Tribus are able to do a much better job of reaching out to those people.

“A lot of times the people that are most active on Twitter tend to be the most engaged with Tribunes,” said Joe Storzo, executive director of social and digital marketing at AdExchange.

“If you have someone who is active on Facebook and the person is on Twitter, you can reach them directly.

If they are active on Instagram and you reach them on Twitter they are likely to be active on the Triby.”

When it comes to the Tribys, some of the most popular are Twitter and Instagram.

According to the DGA survey, 90% of companies that use social-marketing platforms on Twitter use the Tribis to reach targeted audiences on the platform.

In contrast, only 16% of brands that use these platforms on Instagram use the T-shirt or other apparel that is often seen on social-networking sites like Instagram.

According to Storato, the Tribs have been found to be a much easier way to reach consumers than the traditional traditional ad campaigns.

“The Triby has the added benefit of being able to reach people that they may not otherwise be able to,” Storino said.

“With the Tribuys, we are able really easily reach people we never would have been able to before.

In terms of reaching those audiences, it’s an advantage in that we can reach people

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