Indian telecoms regulator orders Facebook, Twitter to ban ads on Bandwagon Ads

The Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (ITRA) has directed Facebook, Google and Twitter to remove all advertisements for Bandwagon ads from their platforms by June 29, 2019.

Bandwagon, a popular ad-sharing platform that is used by thousands of Indian consumers, has been accused of manipulating their rankings by using bots and malware.

It has also been alleged that Bandwagon had been using fake users, which led to its downfall.

ITRA has directed these companies to immediately remove all ads from the platforms by the end of the month, while it has also directed Bandwagon to provide a list of fake users and their exact IP addresses to its employees.

According to a statement released on the agency’s website, the notice came into force on March 20, 2017.

The notice has been forwarded to the companies for further action.

The notice also states that Bandwagons content must be removed from the platform and the information on its website, mobile app, and Facebook page must be deleted immediately.

“The Indian government has also notified a comprehensive blacklist of malicious and spamming sites on its cyber-security platform,” it adds.

Bandwagon has not responded to the notification.

Earlier this month, the ITRA had ordered Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, along with the likes of Amazon and Snapdeal, to remove Bandwagon advertisements from their social networks by June 30, 2019, following a report by the company’s parent company Aditi.

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