How to play NFL ads in 2020

The NFL’s new ad campaign featuring stars and icons from the history of the game is expected to be unveiled Friday and be the first time that any NFL player is featured in the ad campaign.

The league is aiming to have a big impact on the lives of millions of fans and advertisers.

The ads will be displayed on all NFL-owned television networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBCSN.

The network partners will be able to display the ads on all platforms except on the desktop, the mobile and the Roku platform.

The NFL’s announcement comes as the league faces its first national ratings blackouts since 2011, when the blackout of football on the network was announced.

It comes as it’s struggling to reach the market and has had to sell its TV rights to other networks in recent years.

It also comes as a wave of NFL players are being suspended or fined for using social media to communicate with fans.

The ads, titled “NFL Stars in 2020,” will feature players like Jerry Rice, Chris Kluwe, Aaron Rodgers, LaVar Arrington, Aaron Hernandez and other prominent stars.

It will also feature the names and nicknames of NFL teams, including the Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns.

The stars and other players will be seen interacting with fans in the form of videos, tweets and social media posts.

The Super Bowl ads, which began airing in late December, will be featured in a two-part ad campaign, one featuring the Seattle Super Bowl XLVIII championship parade and another featuring a tribute to former 49ers star receiver and current Cleveland Browns safety Eric Reid.

The Seahawks are the only team to win the Super Bowl.

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