Apple ad says the new iPhone 6S is the best Apple ever made

The new iPhone 5S, which launched on March 16, was a product of Apple’s transition from the iPad to the iPhone.

The iPhone 6s is a product that the company had been talking about for years, but its design, software, and price tags made it seem like an old device.

Apple was trying to make it seem better, to change the perception that it had abandoned iPad.

And so, the ad in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, which also had the headline “Apple’s new iPhone is the Best Apple Ever Made,” was a new take on the idea.

It featured two men discussing the iPhone 6 and how great it is.

One said, “The iPhone 6 is the perfect iPhone for the modern consumer.

It’s smaller, lighter, more comfortable.

It has a new-look aesthetic that we love.”

The other man, who looked like a professional salesman, said, “[It’s] the best iPhone ever made.”

And then they both laughed.

“We can make the iPhone the best in the world!” they said together.

“The new iPhone’s got more than 60 percent less battery life than the iPad.”

This is a big, big improvement, and the new design looks even better.

The company had a lot of experience with these kind of ad campaigns, but this one was really clever, and it was a huge hit.

I don’t know what they’ll do with it next.

Apple is always looking for ways to make the company look better, and this was one of those.

It may not be as big a hit as the previous ads, but it’s certainly a big hit.

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