How Facebook advertising costs may be getting cheaper

Facebook is getting into the outdoor advertising business, and one of the biggest reasons it is is its ad buying costs.

The social network has started charging companies more for outdoor advertising in a bid to make sure the platform is serving its customers more effectively.

“We are seeing an increase in outdoor advertising,” said Jeff Jarvis, Facebook vice president of digital and social media.

“We’ve seen it in the U.K., Germany, Canada, Australia, the U,S., and China.

That’s where we are seeing a big increase.

We’ve seen this across the board in the last year.”

In the U., where Facebook is a dominant presence in the market, the company has charged companies up to 15 percent more for ads on outdoor sites than they did a year ago.

In Europe, Facebook is charging more than $3 a click for outdoor ads on the site, and the U-K.

is charging up to 20 percent more than it did a few years ago.

“In terms of outdoor advertising, the biggest difference is that they are charging a lot more,” Jarvis said.

“They are now paying a lot of attention to this issue, and they are working with Facebook on this.”

The Facebook advertising budget has grown since the platform launched its outdoor advertising initiative last year, but it remains lower than it was in the previous year.

While the company still offers ads on its mobile app for more than 20 million users, the number of users who see the ads on their desktop or mobile apps has declined.

According to Jarvis, there are still plenty of sites where users don’t see the outdoor ads, and those sites have grown in size and scope over the past few years.

“For the most part, these are sites that are really niche, or very niche, niche sites, and so it’s very difficult to get those advertisers to spend a lot on those sites,” Jarvis told CBS News.

“But over time, we are also seeing an increasing number of sites that have become big players, and a growing number of them are using outdoor advertising on their platform.

So this is where it’s starting to get really interesting.”

Facebook has begun to charge companies to reach more users in outdoor areas.

Jarvis said the company is working with several companies to offer outdoor ads in the United States and in other countries, but the ads are not necessarily going to be available to everyone.

“It’s a good step for us because we think it’s really good for consumers, because it helps them make better decisions about where to spend their money,” he said.

Facebook is also starting to work with other media companies to help with its outdoor ads.

Jarvis also said that the company will be doing more advertising in the future.

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