Spotify, YouTube: the next big thing?

The next big innovation will be “video sharing,” said Timo Heijnen, a senior analyst with IBISWorld, a global research and advisory firm.

Spotify has been building its business on streaming video, which is available on computers, mobile phones and other devices.

“Video sharing is the future of content and we’re just in the beginning of what that can mean,” said Heijen.

He said that he sees the video-sharing market growing rapidly as it reaches a more mainstream audience.

In its most recent quarter, Spotify posted $6.8 billion in revenue, or about $5.2 billion in profit.

“There are lots of opportunities for video sharing, and the opportunity is so great that I expect it will continue to grow,” Heijens said.

“I think the question is whether we’re going to be able to capitalize on it and how fast and how big a share of the business will we have.”

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