How the world is changing for Indian men

The gender balance of Indian society is slowly but surely changing.

The average Indian woman is now more likely to be a homemaker and the average Indian man is more likely than ever to work from home.

A new survey by Zumper and The Hindu shows that women are increasingly becoming a leading force in the workforce, while men are becoming more likely too.

According to the Zumper survey, which surveyed 8,000 Indian men and women aged between 15 and 64, women are more likely now than ever before to be part of the workforce.

The Indian men are also getting ahead.

The women who responded to the survey had been living in a household with two children for the past five years.

They have always been a significant percentage of Indian men.

According on the survey, women in India now account for 13.7 per cent of the population, but the number of men in the country has dropped from 27.2 per cent in 2004 to 22.9 per cent today.

Women in India are increasingly taking over the labour market.

Zumper, a software company, recently released a survey of its female employees, finding that the number is rising.

It says the average number of hours worked has increased from 30 per week to 37.7, and that the average hours worked per month has gone up from 20.3 to 22 per month.

Women are also becoming the majority of India’s youth.

Zuckerman, the Indian marketing giant, has said that in India the age of 18-24 is the lowest in the world.

In the US, it is the opposite.

India has one of the highest levels of education in the entire world.

The survey shows that the median age of a woman in India is 23.5.

But the Indian men have an average age of 27.8.

Zuckerman has recently begun selling its mobile apps on mobile phones.

This is an effort to encourage young people to get involved in the labour force and also, to help it become a bigger employer.

Zuckerman has partnered with the World Bank to launch a digital currency called Dash, which has been used to help people buy groceries in India.

This has been one of India “s biggest successes” in its efforts to improve the gender balance in the economy.

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