When do I need to stop playing my own games?

By: Nick GormanThe advertising market is growing at a rapid pace. 

In fact, the market has grown in a quarter over the last two years. 

This has been driven by the success of mobile games, which have seen a surge in ad spend. 

Advertisers are also getting a better understanding of their competitors’ ad strategies, so they can develop better campaigns. 

While the ad market is booming, some companies are starting to see some issues. 

According to the ad industry, the ad revenue in the ad space is growing, but that growth is not translating to the money the advertisers are making from their ads. 

The ad industry says that advertisers are earning less from their campaigns in the long term than they did a year ago. 

And some of the biggest players in the market are experiencing problems. 

One of the largest ad agencies in the world is losing money. 

Its ad revenue is decreasing by over 80% year over year. 

As the company has been growing, it has been losing money every quarter. 

With a recent audit of the agency, the agency’s revenue declined from $12.3 million to $6.3m in the year ended September 2018. 

“We have to continue to grow the company to stay ahead of the competition,” said Matt Sweeny, the managing director of ad agency, Ogilvy & Nash. 

If the ad agency’s revenues continue to drop, the company will be in trouble. 

At this point, it is hard to say how long this will last. 

Companies like Ogilvys are struggling to keep up with their competition. 

However, they are still making a decent profit from their ad campaigns.

What does the Ogily report mean for the ad business?

It is a very positive report, as it highlights the fact that the ad sales industry has been booming. 

There are plenty of new businesses to be started in this space. 

Even if the Ogillys revenue declines, Ogillvy is not out of the woods yet. 

Ogilvy’s report will help the company find new revenue streams. 

It may help it get new deals with brands and advertisers. 

So, it is definitely good news for the business. 

Hopefully, ad agencies can start to get their ad revenue back on track, and stay ahead in the industry. 

You can learn more about Ogil’s report on the company’s website, www.ogilvyandnash.com.

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