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By now you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s recent decision to remove the ad network from the platform, and in response to a public outcry the company removed the ad networks ads from its website.

The news was met with a barrage of negative commentary from those who felt the ad-blockers had been unfairly advantaged by the company’s actions.

However, there are several reasons why advertisers can be happier with the new ad-blocking policy than they were in the past.

Facebook’s move to allow advertisers to block ads is, in fact, a good thing.

According to the report, the new rules are “the first time the company has actively tried to help advertisers block unwanted content from appearing on its site.”

That means, in many cases, ads will no longer appear when the user explicitly chooses not to view them.

In addition, Facebook’s change to the ad blocking policy will also mean that advertisers can now place ads on the social network without having to pay for them.

These changes come after Facebook’s chief product officer, Alex Stamos, and the company began discussing the companywide changes to the advertising ecosystem in early 2017.

A full report on Facebook’s ad policies will be released later this month.

While this article has been written for Facebook, you can find more of the same here.

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