Why we’re not selling backpage: The real problem

The Federal Government is under fire for scrapping an online advertising market it says is hurting businesses and consumers in Queensland and Victoria.

Key points:The new legislation will stop adverts being posted on Backpage and other sites advertising sex, drugs and alcohol for up to 24 hoursA raft of new restrictions for online sex ads will be rolled out in 2018The Federal Government said it would also introduce new restrictions to protect young people from being exploited onlineAdvertising is booming online, with some companies operating as far back as 2005.

But a raft of restrictions, including bans on sex ads, will be put in place for the first time this year, after a raft in 2018.

The changes are designed to tackle the problem of underage exploitation on the backpage, where many people go to buy illegal drugs, and to stop the illegal advertising from spreading to other sites.

The new regulations include bans on advertisements promoting prostitution, alcohol and drugs, as well as other types of advertising.

They also ban the use of the terms “adult” and “underage” in the advertisement.

“These new restrictions are intended to safeguard young people, who are vulnerable to exploitation online,” the Federal Government’s communications director, Jason Fairbairn, said.

“Underage access is a real problem and will need to be tackled as part of a broader national strategy to combat underage access to online services.”

We’ll be working closely with our partners in the community to ensure the new laws and regulations are appropriate and proportionate to their impact.

“Mr Fairbairs comments come after a survey by the ABS found a significant number of Australian businesses had been “exploiting” the Backpage website.”

I know of businesses who are operating a website, selling drugs, offering sexual services or selling pornography for the sole purpose of getting paid to advertise,” a respondent from the survey said.

Mr Fairberes comments come days after the Federal Opposition said it was “puzzled” by the Government’s plans.”

The Government has a responsibility to protect our kids, but this is not a problem for our kids,” Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said.

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