Posted October 09, 2018 09:59:23AM The NFL has taken steps to make it easier for teams to advertise their products in 2017, but the league still needs to work on getting its fans to take notice.

Here are five things the league needs to do to fix the problems:1.

Make sure fans get their money’s worth in 2017.

The NFL has been plagued with a problem where teams are making $1 million or more for each year they’ve been in the league.

The average NFL team makes $4.6 million in the regular season.

That’s a $200 million annual drop, and that number only goes up each year.

With only a few months left before the season kicks off, the league should be in better shape.

The problem is that it’s not as if there’s a lot of incentive for fans to watch games and buy products, which makes it easier to see that revenue drops.2.

Make it easier on fans to buy merchandise.

There are a couple of ways that fans can get the league’s products on their shelves.

First, they can purchase a team’s merchandise online.

That way, they get an online checkout that allows them to buy from any team’s store.

But it’s important that the league is willing to do that.

That means that the majority of fans need to have the option to purchase a product at any team.3.

Make teams more transparent.

The league should start to use a more standardized system to make its products more easily found on fans’ shelves.

That will give teams more incentive to use their own merchandising.

For example, some teams have been giving fans access to their teams’ merchandise through their social media accounts.

That would make it much easier for fans who don’t have a team-specific store to get a team product on their store’s website.4.

Put more focus on product launches.

The idea of a team launching new products is a good one.

But when a team starts a new season and it has a big marketing campaign, it’s going to make fans look at it more closely and be more likely to buy the team’s product.

Instead of just a handful of products, the NFL should offer fans a much more detailed look at every team’s new product.5.

Make the season more competitive.

The average home-field advantage for the teams in the NFL is a very low 1.7 points.

The teams that are the best at winning at home will have a big advantage in the playoffs.

That makes it much more difficult for teams in other conferences to get to the playoffs, and it makes it more difficult to make the playoffs for teams that don’t get there at all.

The more that fans are aware of the importance of their teams and what’s happening with the league, the more they will come to expect the NFL to be competitive.

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