Trump: ‘We’re Not Going to Go Back to a Bumper Sticker’

Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the National Rifle Association and the “fake news” media have been widely reported as a major victory for the American people.

But for the first time since the election, the NRA and the gun industry are not celebrating in their annual convention in Chicago.

They have been left with little to celebrate.

The National Rifle Assn.

and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have announced a series of policy changes, both of which are designed to stop gun violence.

But both have little to do with gun violence and much to do, as many gun owners have already learned, with the Obama administration’s failed gun control initiatives.

The NRA and NSSF have agreed to work together on several key measures.

In addition to the NRA-NRA’s commitment to “work collaboratively on key gun-violence prevention measures, we have agreed on the following policy goals: 1.

Stop gun violence in America.

This includes the immediate, immediate prevention of gun violence, and the sustained, sustained reduction in gun deaths.


Strengthen background checks.

We will ensure that all gun purchases and transfers are subject to background checks, with a focus on the criminals who commit the most violent crimes.


Stop the proliferation of guns.

The nation will close loopholes that allow criminals to buy guns without ever having to make a purchase.


Reduce gun violence by reducing the availability of firearms.

Every gun sold must be traced back to its rightful owner.

The FBI, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are working together to reduce the number of guns used in crime, including all types of firearms, by increasing the number and type of weapons that are confiscated.

This will also help reduce the demand for illegal weapons and help keep guns away from criminals.


Reduce firearm suicides.

We have committed to reduce firearm suicides by 25% over the next decade.

This is a significant commitment and we will ensure it is implemented.

We also will commit to ending the epidemic of gun suicide, which costs Americans more than $3 billion a year.


Stop mass shootings.

Mass shootings are the most deadly mass shootings in American history.

The gun industry and gun violence researchers agree that we need to increase the penalties for mass shootings to prevent future tragedies.

We are committed to reducing mass shootings by reducing gun deaths and gun suicides, as well as by making it harder for criminals to get guns.

We understand the NRA’s commitment and the NRA believes that the steps that are taken by the NRA to reduce gun violence will lead to greater safety for our nation.

However, this effort is being coordinated with the NRA, the gun-control advocates and the criminal justice system, not with the gun lobby.

The American people want to know what’s happening.

They want to see gun violence stopped and the mass shooting epidemic stopped.

But we can’t get there without the gun owners, gun dealers and gun-rights advocates who are standing together to stop the carnage.

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