Why the Google News ad costs $2.7 million

An advertisement that costs $10,000 to place in Google News on a budget costs an advertiser a total of $2,722,095.

The company also pays the costs of its Google News team to manage the advertising campaign, according to a recent report from Ad Age.

“It’s the equivalent of a $25,000 bill for advertising that’s been on your desk for two years,” Bill McGovern, CEO of The Advertiser, told Business Insider.

“You get a little bit of cash in your pocket for that.”

The ad’s cost comes from Google’s ad unit, which manages the Google Network, the news section of the search giant’s web site.

Google pays the company an undisclosed amount to run the ads and manage the news content, McGovern added.

“We do not get paid for the content of Google News ads,” Google said in a statement to Business Insider when contacted for this story.

“The Google News Ad has been in operation since 2009.

Our partners and advertisers use it for a variety of reasons, including to build relationships, provide valuable content, and enhance their website performance.

We are not paid to run Google News advertising.

Our advertisers get paid through a mix of our ads and third party paid ads, such as Google Play, and they are paid for through a combination of advertising and search revenue.”

Google News has historically been a relatively low-margin business, but its growth has slowed as Google has grown.

The Google News division is not a huge advertiser.

In 2018, Ad Age reported that the Google ad unit paid $1.9 million to run its ads for the top 50 publishers and $6.6 million for its top 25 publishers, a decrease from the previous year.

The news division had $8.9 billion in revenue in 2018.

Ad Age said the ad cost represents about 4 percent of its total advertising budget.

The Ad Age report came after an ad from Microsoft was pulled from the Google Play Store after it cost more than $4,000.

Google told Business Insider it had a “fair amount” of data on the ad’s effectiveness and revenue from Google News, but the company said it did not want to release it publicly.

The ad, which was running in Google’s News section, said: “We’ve built a brand for you.

Google News will always be the place where you get the most interesting, trusted, and accurate news.

So if you’re interested in being a part of our news team, check out our Google News App, or download the free app to get in touch.

It’s your choice.

For now, however, we’re taking it off the Google Store.”

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