Who is Ellen Pao? | The Ellen Pazos who are still pushing for change

In the wake of Pao’s resignation, a host of women in advertising and technology are pushing to get the justice system to do more to help them.

“We are a very small group of women that are going to do everything we can to ensure that the law is changed to protect them from the harassers that are in our industry,” said Adrienne Waugh, president of the National Association of Women in Advertising.

She said she’s seen a sharp rise in the number of harassment complaints she’s received since Pao was ousted.

“The problem we see is that there are a lot of people who are afraid to go public, and there are other people who just feel like they can’t be in this business,” she said.

“It’s a little bit like a ghost town, because so many of the people in the industry are afraid of what’s going to happen to them, they feel like nobody cares.”

Women in advertising are pushing for a system that gives them the right to speak up for themselves.

They’ve formed a group called Women in Tech that is trying to organize a boycott of companies that do business with tech companies, and they’re also working to make it easier for women to work in tech without fear of retaliation.

“It’s very much a gender issue,” said Laura Pizzuto, a marketing manager for a technology consulting firm.

“I think a lot about what happens to women in tech, the stories of how they’re mistreated, how they’ve been mistreated by companies, what it’s like to be treated like a third-class citizen, and that’s something that we need to change,” she added.

“That’s something we need change for the next generation of women who are going forward.”

“We know that it takes courage to go to the women’s wage gap because we know what it feels like,” said Emily Pazares, the founder of the Women in Technology for Equality Alliance.

She believes it’s important that women in the workplace be given the tools to report harassment.

“There’s a lot to be done,” Pazores said.

The women in Tech for Equality group is calling on the tech industry to change its hiring practices.

“What we need is an end to the bias against women in hiring and promotion,” said Ellen Puzas, co-founder of the group.

“We need an end that we are able to speak out and be heard.

We need a lot more visibility, we need more resources, and we need a more equitable pay scale for women in technology,” she continued.

The group is also calling for changes to the way companies pay women and for new protections to prevent retaliation against women who speak up.

“I think that we should do more,” said Pazas.

“If we want to change the culture of the tech community, we have to do it in our own communities.”

The Women inTech for Equality coalition also wants the Justice Department to create a gender-neutral code of conduct for the tech world.

And it’s also calling on Congress to do something about the issue.

“A lot of the problems we see in tech have to be solved within the tech bubble,” said Waugh.

“A lot has to be fixed within the technology bubble.

And we want this to happen within the company, not within the community.”

Women who want to work for a company that doesn’t have a code of practice can sign up to join the Women for Equal Workplace Coalition, an online organization that aims to raise awareness about the problem of workplace harassment.

They also have an online petition to get Congress to pass a new law requiring employers to have a written, written and signed code of harassment policies.

“You’ve got to be brave and take a stand and do something,” said Elizabeth Smith, a co-founding member of the organization.

“When you’re out there on the street, and you’re just walking by people with nothing to lose, you have a lot less to fear.”

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