The Daily Advertiser’s 2017 Top 10 adidas ads, including a new Nike ad with an iconic image of a black cat on the side

A few weeks ago, we published an article that featured 10 advertisers’ top 10 adverts of the year.

Now, it’s time to share their adverts, which you can click to enlarge.1.

adidas adidas Originals “The Ballad of the Black Cat” by adidasThe adidasOriginals “Ballad of The Black Cat”, which is an all-black ad with a familiar black cat at the top, is one of the top 10.

The ad is a remix of an adidas classic “The Black Cat”.

The original ad is shown below.

The ad will soon be available for pre-order for $249.99 on

adids “The Last Ride” by Adidas3.

adies “The Great One” by AdidasThe adies ‘The Great Ones’ is a classic ad that features a black bear that jumps in the air.

It features the silhouette of the famous adidas “The Lost” logo.

The classic adidas logo is shown in the lower left corner.

The “The” at the end of the “The.” is a stylized “a” on a white background.4.

adigas “The Lighthouse” by Azzad adidas The adigos ‘The Lighthouses’ is another classic ad.

The silhouette of a lighthouse is shown.

The lighthouse is a reference to a famous ad for Adidas Originals.5.

adis “The Legend of the Lost” by GatoradeThe adis ‘Legend of the Lighthouse’, which is also available for purchase, features a silhouette of an elephant with a long, black tail.

It’s another iconic ad that adidas used for many years.6.

adises “The Song of the Tiger” by ADIADis “Song of the Tigers”, which also features a tiger, is another ad that was used for years in adidas marketing.7.

adiadis “Futuro” by Hoka One adidas Futuro, which is available for $349.99, is a collaboration between Hoka ONE and adidas, featuring a silhouette that is reminiscent of Futuro’s iconic “F” logo from the 1980s.8.

adits “The Greatest” by Adriano adidas Adriano’s “The greatest” ad, which features a muscular black tiger, was used on several Nike and adiidas shoes in 2016 and 2017.9.

adias “The First Tiger” adidas’ “The first tiger” ad has been a staple of Nike’s adidas collection for years.

It is a silhouette based on a signature adidas silhouette that was featured in adias 2015 adidas Basketball game.10.

adibos “The Lion” by T-Rex adidas”The Lion”, a black and white silhouette, is featured in the adidas Collection’s “T-Rex” collection.

The image of the tiger appears on the right of the adigoes logo.

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