Why the tuscaras’ ads in the state newspaper aren’t working for you

Tuscolas County, California — — A local newspaper in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is using a graphic design firm’s advertising to promote its upcoming issue, touting its new advertising slogan.

The newspaper, the Tuscala Times, says the new ads will be displayed on the front page.

“We are excited to share our vision for Tuscaland, and how we will help educate and inspire the next generation of citizens,” the newspaper says in the ad, which includes a black-and-white image of a Tuscalea flag with the slogan “Tuscaloans want better.”

Tuscalia has been ranked the worst county in the U.S. for economic development.

The paper has been criticized for using negative advertising in its recent editions, including an ad promoting an upcoming fundraiser for the Taunton-based company that makes plastic bags.

“The Tuscalia Times will continue to promote Tuscalyans values, including our strong commitment to education, job creation and opportunity,” the paper said in a statement.

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