How Twitch’s Advertisers Are Spending Their Ad Dollars on Twitch Ads

You may have heard about the big Twitch advertiser acquisition by the ad agency and advertiser duopoly, but how does it compare to its rivals?

Twitch’s ad spend on ad buys has risen to $5.9 million per month, according to data compiled by the AdvertiserVoice community.

Advertising on Twitch, the second largest social video platform, has grown from $1.2 million in June 2018 to $1 billion in August 2019.

Twitch is also the biggest advertiser on YouTube, which is estimated to spend $4 billion per year on ads.

Twitch’s largest ad spend is on YouTube ads, with $1 million on June 2018 and $2.7 million on August 2019, according the data.

Here are the top five ad spenders on Twitch.

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