‘Bravo’ and ‘Awesome’ on Twitter: What we learned from the new report

Updated January 28, 2018 08:25:22A new report from social media analytics firm Adblock Plus says social media ad revenue has surged by more than $5 billion since its launch.

Adblock Plus, which also counts Google and Twitter among its partners, analyzed more than 1.4 million Twitter posts and generated more than 2.4 billion impressions, a huge jump in traffic from the company’s launch.

“We believe the explosion in traffic is due to the adoption of #CrazyAboutAds by millions of people,” Adblock CEO and co-founder Max Schrems wrote in a blog post.

The company also said that it’s now seeing an increase in ad impressions for “social” ads, which it defines as tweets, Facebook posts and other content.

It’s a trend Adblock is tracking in addition to its own ad-supported ad platform.

It predicts that the number of social ads will double by 2020 and triple by 2025.

Advertisers are also seeing an uptick in their own content, especially in the area of online content, Adblock says.

“The ad industry is changing rapidly and we’re seeing the impact in terms of the number and quality of the ads we see,” Schre msaid.

“There are now millions of consumers who have discovered that they can use the power of their social media to promote their brands, to engage with their friends, and to earn a living on the web.”

The ad tech industry is also growing, according to Adblock.

The company has grown its platform from a single ad-serving website to more than 100.

It has about 20,000 developers working on new ad-based ad products, and it plans to hire another 3,000.

Adblocking’s new report says there are two main trends in the ad industry right now: “Adblock’s audience is increasingly embracing the power and flexibility of ad-blocking apps,” and “Adblocking is getting better at getting its own products to market.”

It’s not yet clear how much of that is because of the adblockers new tools, but Adblock does predict that the adblocking industry will grow.

“Adblock continues to be one of the most popular ad-blockers and most used by our users and advertisers,” Schree msaid in a statement.

“We are very proud of the incredible growth our platform has experienced and look forward to continuing to grow.”

Adblock says it expects to see a big rise in demand for its products, particularly in areas like mobile advertising, which has been in a downtrend in recent years.

The firm predicts that mobile ad spending will grow by over $5.5 billion in 2020, and more than triple by 2021.

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