How to get more eyeballs on your Facebook ads

I want to share some tips to make sure your Facebook ad is noticed more.1.

Use keywords that resonate with your target audience.

A great way to make your Facebook video more engaging is to include keywords that people will search for when they search for “best burgers.”2.

Use video clips with a lot of content.

It can be a good idea to add an animated gif or video that people can watch and then scroll through.3.

Use a video editor that allows you to resize and add transitions.

For example, you could add a transition from the main menu to the bottom of the page, or you could put the video at the bottom to let people scroll up and down.4.

Add in more than one video at a time.

For more than 1 video, try adding one or more to a playlist or upload a link to your own YouTube channel.5.

Make sure your video has an appropriate format.

Try to include audio clips, videos, or images.6.

Make it easy to share.

If you use the default settings for your Facebook page, you may need to click the share icon to share a video or link.7.

Set up a timer on your video.

It’s a great way for people to check in on your page and make sure it’s running smoothly.8.

Create a video tag that includes a timestamp.

This way, you can easily check in when the video is posted and when it’s finished.9.

If your video is on a platform other than Facebook, include the video on a video sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo.10.

Share your video with people in the comment section of your Facebook post.

It will be visible to the rest of the people who have viewed the video.11.

When sharing on Facebook, make sure you use a high-quality video, not one that’s blurry or has no audio.

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