How to Advertise to a Congressional Member’s Office

If you want to advertise to a congressional office, you need to make sure that the address of the office is on the notice.

This requires that the ad be signed by someone who can sign it. 

 This rule applies even if you are not using the address on the advertisement, because it is a signature. 

When you use the address, you must also make sure to give the name of the person or agency who is paying for the ad, and then, if possible, the office address. 

This is a great tip that will make your ad look better than your actual ad. 

You may also need to consider your email address.

If your email is a public address, then you will need to use a personal email address for your ad.

If you have a private email address, and you do not have a signature, then your ad may be disqualified. 

The Rules for Political Ads are the law.

They do not change every day, but they are a great place to start if you want a more professional look.

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