Facebook to start requiring advertisers to show age verification on their adverts

The social network is introducing adverts that require an advert to be shown to be displayed in a child’s account to comply with the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) new age verification guidelines.

Ads that contain explicit or potentially offensive material or that promote violence will be automatically removed, while those containing “misleading or misleading information” will need to display a warning to parents.

“If a parent is not aware that their child is on Facebook, or they are not able to opt out of this requirement, their child’s ad will be removed from Facebook,” the company said in a statement.

The DAA says it is trying to stop online adverts from being used to promote violence or harassment against children.

Facebook is facing pressure to do more to curb the spread of the “fake news” phenomenon, which includes stories that purport to be from independent news sites, but which are in fact manufactured by or linked to Russian agents.

The company is also under fire from the US government for failing to remove false stories from its site.

Facebook will require advertisers to display age verification in its ads, the statement said.

“We will require any ad that uses age verification, such as a paid ad, to show this information in their content and to be prominently displayed in the ad.

Facebook is committed to ensuring the safety of all our users and ensuring that the ad is seen by people who are legally allowed to view it,” it added.

Read more at ABC News.

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