Who is the new boss of the AFL?

Business advertising is booming at the league and is expected to grow even faster this year, with the introduction of AFL+ in 2019.

The AFL+ platform has been announced, with a focus on delivering the best possible experience for its audience and providing them with a better way to connect with the AFL, the game’s top body.

The platform will also deliver more digital content, including a digital subscription service.

“With our growth, the AFL+ audience is growing and we are taking advantage of the opportunity by expanding the range of services that will be available to the game and our fans,” AFL CEO David Gallop said.

“In a changing business climate, we have to be innovative and we have got to be flexible to meet the needs of our fans.”AFL+ will allow fans to watch their favorite teams, watch live games, watch their favourite broadcasters, watch AFL+ and access more content on their mobile devices.

It will also include more social features including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”AFL+, the AFL+, and our members are our future, our future is going to be based on engaging the fans,” Gallop added.

“We want to ensure we’re delivering the content that we’re proud of and the quality that they love.

We’re going to build the best fan experience in the game.”

The AFL will roll out the new features over the next three years, including the launch of a new social media platform, which will allow AFL+ subscribers to access more than 500,000 live games.

“It’s exciting to have this opportunity to expand the audience, and to get more of our members to embrace the AFL and our brand, and the fact that we have a lot of people that watch the game live, it’s a great way for us to connect to them and make them part of the story of the game,” AFL+ CEO Chris Packer said.AFL + is also expected to have a bigger impact on the game than its predecessor, as it is expected in 2019 to add around a quarter of AFL games to the platform.

“Our audience has grown by 25 per cent, but they are going to continue to grow, they are also going to watch more games on AFL+, which will be a real benefit for the league,” Packer added.AAP/ABC

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