How Google is paying off advertisers for old ads

Google is being paid handsomely to promote old ads to its users and its own news feed.

The payments could become a powerful tool for advertisers to sell ads, but the company isn’t saying how much.

The Wall St. Journal has obtained documents showing how Google is making millions from old ads in its News Feed, and the documents reveal how the money is being spent.

Google declined to comment.

In March, Google disclosed that it had paid $1.5 billion to advertising agencies and publishers for ads that were viewed more than a million times in 2016.

The company is paying about $2 billion a year to publishers and advertising agencies, and is making a profit.

Google’s old ads will appear in Google’s News Feed until 2024, and advertisers will have until 2020 to cancel old ads.

The documents show how the advertising agency deals with old ads on Google’s own News Feed.

Google pays the agency based on the number of times an ad appears in the News Feed on the first day of the month and the amount of time it has been displayed there.

Google can also choose to pay publishers based on how long ago the ad appeared in the news feed, and how many times it has appeared on Google search results.

A Google spokesperson declined to discuss the pay-to-play arrangement.

“Google is a content creator, not a publisher,” the spokesperson said.

“We are not interested in paying publishers to create content.

We want content creators to create the content they want to create.”

Advertisers can opt out of paying Google for old advertising in their News Feeds.

Google uses a number of automated filters to prevent old ads from appearing in its news feed after they have been seen more than 2 million times.

Those filters are designed to weed out any spam, so old ads are unlikely to be seen by Google’s algorithms.

Google is paid for its Newsfeed by advertising agencies who have a “top five” ranking among Google’s most influential advertisers, according to Google’s disclosure.

The top five most influential ad agencies include the Adtech Group, which owns Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Google said in its disclosure that it pays about $1 billion a week for these top five agencies to display ads on its News and AdSense News Feed feeds.

Google doesn’t say how much the agencies pay for old ad placement.

Google has been paying old ads since 2015.

Google told advertisers in a recent document that it paid $400 million a year for old content in the Google News Feed and a little less than $10 million a week to advertisers in the AdSense news feed to display old ads, the documents show.

Google paid agencies $2.5 million a month in 2014 and $1 million a day in 2015 to display older ads in News Feed ad units.

Advertiser groups that sell to advertisers will also get paid a monthly fee for older ads.

Google previously paid advertisers for ad space in the ad unit of its News Page, the Google documents show, and in some cases it paid advertisers to display content on Google News and Google AdSense.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the old ads were being displayed by publishers and agencies on the Google Webmaster Tools or in the company’s own news feeds.

The old ads that are being shown by publishers will be removed by 2020, but Google will not disclose the cost.

Google was paying agencies $1,500 a month for ad time in its own News Page and $200 for ad placement on the company Webmaster tools, the company documents show

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