How to get more traffic for your YouTube ad

What to do if your YouTube video gets a lot of traffic: What you can do: If you’ve got a YouTube video you want to promote, here are a few things you can try to boost the traffic it gets. 


Show your ad on more channels: You can use Google’s new ad platform to show your ad to more channels, which means that you’ll be able to get even more traffic. 


Add some additional comments: One way to do this is to add a comment to your video, which is usually hidden from the video itself. 


Rebrand the video: This is the easiest way to improve the video, but if you want your video to stand out from the rest of your content, it’s worth rebranding it. 4. 

Get more visibility on YouTube: Another option is to show the video to the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 


Make your videos look more professional: YouTube’s videos now have more videos, so you’ll need to be more professional. 


Create a more compelling video: This is a tricky one, because there are lots of YouTube channels that don’t need to have videos on them. 

You could try to make your videos more engaging by adding some music, or adding in a video montage. 

7. Go viral: It can be hard to keep up with YouTube’s growing popularity, so if you have an interesting video, consider trying to get it shared on other channels. 


Give your video a catchy title: Sometimes, your video will just get a ton of traffic, and you can use the title to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. 


Write a short bio: Many of your videos will be short and sweet, so this will help you stand out in your YouTube community. 


Introduce yourself and your videos: Even if you don’t want to share a YouTube title, if you add a link to your website or other links to your videos, you can still show people who you are and what your channel does. 


Use social media to promote your channel: There are plenty of other ways to boost your YouTube presence. 

Here are some tips to help you do that. 


Take some time to review your video:  The more time you spend reviewing your videos the more likely you are to have a good one, so make sure you have a few days off from your video editing schedule. 


Check out the stats and review your videos regularly: Check YouTube’s statistics to see how well your video is doing. 


Update your channel title regularly:  When a video gets more than a few thousand views, it becomes a popular one. 


Try using the hashtag #adblock  and #advertising #youtube. 


If the video gets over 100,000 views, you may want to consider using the #adfree video ad campaign. 


Change the title and thumbnail of your video if you like: Try changing the title, thumbnail, and description to something that makes your video stand out, or if you prefer to stick with the default title and description. 


Consider a custom ad to show people the video in question: Advertisers are often looking for ways to get you to share their ads, and there are many options out there. 


Learn how to improve your video on social media: The social media platforms can help you improve your videos for different audiences. 


Find other people who have your video and share it with them: A lot of people watch your video because it’s a great example of the kind of content they want to watch, so try sharing it with other people. 


Link your channel to your official YouTube channel:  You can share your YouTube videos with your official channel and get some of the traffic that you get from it, which can help boost your video’s visibility. 


Improve your channel’s brand: Make sure your channel is known by other YouTube channels, such as the ones you already promote on. 23. 

Optimize your video with your channels marketing team: Use your channel marketing team to improve it for other channels that might have it. 24. 

Have your official channels team check out your videos to make sure they’ve got your video right: Your channel marketing teams will be able better understand what your video does, which helps them find the content they need to promote. 


Sign up for Google Ads and start earning money: Google is now offering you a few ways to earn money from your YouTube content. 

This includes YouTube ads that are paid to people who

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