Why do we get angry at the news?

Posted by David Smith on Tuesday, January 06, 2019 12:31:58 The news is always upsetting.

Every day.

Sometimes more than once a day.

I get angry because I get frustrated that it is being ignored.

I feel I am missing out on something important.

I am a fan of the news, but sometimes it is frustrating to miss out on a story that matters to me.

I have read about a number of people who have been left devastated by the news because they have not been informed.

But what if there is another way to get news, without being told what to think?

If you have a news subscription and you would like to listen to the latest news from the BBC or other news sources, you can subscribe to the BBC iPlayer, listen to podcasts, read the headlines, or watch programmes on demand.

Or you can find out more about BBC iListen.

This is the BBC’s iPlayer for BBC iPlay and iPlayer app.

You can access BBC iWatch on the BBC News app, which offers full programmes, live news updates, news and weather, and other programmes.

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