The 20th Century Fox TV ads that got people talking

The 20ths Century Fox Television commercials that got us talking about the future of media have been the subject of much debate, with many viewers saying they don’t buy into the idea that Fox has any intention of staying in the news business. 

But, for those who do, the 20th century ad campaigns are a treasure trove of great content.

They are the stuff of legend.

Here are 20 of the best.1.

“The First Lady of the United States”In 1957, Betty Ford married the future first lady of the world, Marilyn Monroe.

They have been married for over 45 years, and it’s hard to find a better moment to launch a successful campaign. 

“The First Ladies of the World” features Ford on a bus that she was a passenger on in 1957, telling the story of her and Monroe’s journey to the White House. 

In an era when it was common to have an image of a woman on a public bus and a man sitting in the front seat, Ford was the first woman in American history to do the opposite.2.

“Moms, You Can’t Keep Me Down”The 1980s were a decade of parental alienation and a rise in teen pregnancy.

Ford has a lot to say about this during this ad campaign, where she asks mothers, “Do you love your kids enough to send them to college?

Do you want to be a mother?” 

As if the answer was an easy one, this ad features the first mother in history, a nurse, taking a walk through a hospital, as she shows off a “blessed” baby doll.3.

“Gunslinger”In 1982, Ford appeared in this movie that had her as the villainous, gun-toting, and gun-wielding Gunner. 

She was also a producer, so it’s understandable that her voice carries through the movie, which is based on the classic novel by George Orwell. 

Ford plays a nurse in the story, who is trying to save her son’s life after he is shot in the head. 

The ad’s narrator is a woman named Mary, who tries to explain to her son why she’s doing this, as the movie is about a woman trying to survive.4.

“Babe Ruth”In 1984, the movie was based on a true story. 

Ruth was a great-great-great granddaughter of the late great Babe Ruth. 

And she was on the cover of People magazine, right after her own granddaughter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Bader Ginsberg’s daughter, Jill, was a model and a writer, and she wrote this ad about the importance of being a good role model.5.

“Don’t Let Me Down The Bride”In 1988, Ford is on the red carpet for this video that shows a married couple. 

It’s a very intimate, emotional, and personal moment for the couple, which makes it one of the most touching ad campaigns I’ve ever seen. 

This ad also features the singer and actress, Judy Collins.6.

“When She Comes Around”In 1987, Ford and her husband starred in this ad that focuses on Ford’s family and the importance that a good mother and father have in children.

The ad was filmed in a New York City orphanage, which has become an iconic piece of American culture.7.

“Terrific Baby”The ad for this campaign is about the birth of a baby girl, and Ford, as a mom, is the first person to take a baby in for the first time. 

During the pregnancy, Ford becomes pregnant again, and her role in the birth becomes a major topic of conversation. 

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it feels like she’s talking about her role as a parent, not the baby’s birth.8.

“No One Can Save Me”In this 1988 campaign, Ford, wearing a T-shirt that reads “Don ‘T’ Save Me,” tells the story about how she saved her son. 

After her son was born, she and her wife drove a school bus across the country, to a doctor’s office to have him tested for leukemia. 

When he passed, they went home, and they went to bed, and the next day they woke up and said, “Don, we have to do this again.” 

Ford’s performance, and that of her husband, is one of my favorite scenes in any campaign.9.

“Baby’s First Day”In 1992, Ford appears in this video where she talks about her son, Daniel, and how she loves him. 

As a mom of a child, I’m reminded of how important it is to be there for a child in a difficult time, whether they’re having a bad day or not.

This ad features a child who has lost his mother, a father who’s had a stroke, and a mother who’s lost her daughter.

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