How to get the perfect photo with a smartphone

You can’t really get much more perfect than a photo taken on a smartphone.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder many people take the plunge and purchase their very own smartphone.

However, it can be a challenge to capture a perfect photo, particularly when you’re on a crowded street, or you’re taking the photo from a distance.

Thankfully, there are some quick tips to get your photo taken.

Here are the top five tips to take a photo that you’ll want to share.


Be aware of the camera angle You don’t need to worry about taking a perfect shot in a busy area like the streets, but when you want to take your photo in a more relaxed setting, such as on a balcony or in a coffee shop, consider using a wide angle lens.

It’ll make your shot more pleasing and you won’t have to strain your eyes when you are photographing the person in the picture.


Use a smartphone with a zoom lens You don,t need to use a smartphone camera lens, but you do need to be aware of what you’re looking at when you zoom in.

If you zoom far enough, it’ll be difficult to capture everything in the photo.


Don’t forget to take good quality photos with your phone Camera phones are often considered “portrait” cameras.

However this is simply not the case.

Portraits are typically taken with a wide field of view, which means the subject is not in the centre of the image, and the focus point is closer to the camera lens.

So while a wide lens will help capture a more natural-looking subject, you won”t be able to capture the details of a person’s body.


Set up your camera phone before you go out The most common mistake people make when photographing people is taking their phone with them.

When you are out, you want your phone to be able have the full range of features, such a GPS, an accelerometer, and GPS/GLONASS for indoor use.

But this means that you need to set up your phone before taking your photo.

Before you go to take the photo, be sure that your phone is set to use GPS and GLONASS.

This means that your device will only send your location information to the GPS/glonass app.

If the device is set as GPS/GPS/GLOMAR, the device will not send any location information.

So be sure to set your device to use GLONAS, and make sure you have GPS enabled.


Set the time to capture your shot The best photo you can get with a phone is one that lasts for an hour or more.

Setting up a tripod and holding it steady is the most effective way to capture long exposure photos.

Set your phone in a way that you can reach into to capture photos, and set the shutter speed to slow down as you move through your photo taking sessions.

Don”t forget to use the smartphone camera’s autofocus feature, which allows you to focus on the subject as you take the image.


Keep your smartphone secure This is one of the most important steps you can take when photograpying someone in public.

It’s not too difficult to secure your smartphone in your pocket or purse, or even your bag.

It”ll just take a few seconds to secure the phone and then you can easily return it. 7.

Take photos when you”re relaxed It”s not often you get to take pictures with your smartphone while you are relaxing.

While some people will have the option to take photos while in the shower, it”s more likely that you will want to capture pictures of your friends and family.

You can also take pictures while sitting on the sofa, in a park, or in the backyard.


Make sure your smartphone is always in view of you while you’re photographing Someone sitting next to you, or someone you are walking by, might not be able see your phone when you walk by.

It is also important to remember to be discreet when taking photos in public, as the police might be interested in what you”ve captured.


Set a timer for the perfect time To ensure you get the best shot, set a timer to capture images of your perfect time of the day.

This will help ensure that you capture a picture that is as good as it should be. 10.

Make the perfect selfie Before taking your picture, take a selfie.

The selfie is often referred to as the ”shot from the hip”.

If you”m standing still and your phone falls off your shoulder, you might be surprised to discover that your shot was taken from a position that you”ll be standing in for the majority of the time.

If your phone fell off, it might also fall off a tree, or a lamp post or a fence post.

The best selfie is one you can capture with a single camera, so you can use it to share the

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