How to be more like Facebook

Video advertising and social networking have a lot in common, says research leader Matt Daley.

The key to better advertising, he says, is to focus on what people really want to watch, rather than what’s appealing to them.

This is especially true for younger users, as the internet’s popularity has accelerated.

The same goes for social media platforms.

“If you’re a younger user, you’re probably not going to watch the same kinds of content as an older user,” Daley says.

“The same is true for Instagram.

You might not like what people do on Instagram, but you probably are going to like it.”

“It’s not the same content” If you don’t like what you see, Daley argues, you might be tempted to ignore the ads or ignore what’s in them altogether.

“We want to build a better Facebook,” he says.

In addition, if you don

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