Gizmodo is changing its name to The Daily Dot

Gizmagazine’s name is being changed to and it’s getting a brand new logo.

Gizmatics editor and chief creative officer, Dan Gross, told us in an email that the name change was “a natural extension” of the brand’s commitment to transparency and transparency in reporting.

He added that it’s a “new way of looking at the business, a way of thinking about the brand, and a way to give our readers the opportunity to interact with our content on the web.”

He also explained that the new name will be “clear, bold, and readable.”

The new site will feature an expanded “content-driven approach to reporting” and will be more visually appealing.

“We’re not interested in a ‘big name’ name,” Gross said.

“Rather, we want to build a more personal, compelling brand.”

He said he is also adding more content that’s curated by “an expert panel” of journalists, editors, and others, which will include “articles that are both newsworthy and thought-provoking.”

This will make the site more “accessible” and “responsive,” Gross explained.

“As a journalist, I’m thrilled to see that we can now do this.”

He added, “As Gizmagnon has proven over the past several years, we can be both provocative and informative at the same time.”

He described the site as a “platform for journalists to get together, connect, and discuss the news of the day.”

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