‘I’m going to kill you’: Woman accused of murdering husband in revenge

A woman accused of killing her husband after a drunken night out in Perth has been sentenced to two years’ jail.

Key points:The 27-year-old woman, who is not named, pleaded guilty to manslaughter after pleading guilty to murdering her estranged husbandJill MacLeod was found guilty of killing husband Keith McLeod in a bid to get revenge over a long-running rowOver the years, Keith MacLeod had been diagnosed with mental illness and had a history of domestic violence.

He died in a Perth hospital in 2014, aged 60.

Jill McLeod pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court to murder after pleading not guilty to the charge of murder.

“He was very sick, very violent and depressed,” Magistrate Deborah Tinkler said.

“I’m sorry that his death caused that.”

She said the death of her husband was “an appalling and terrible thing”.

“I don’t want him to be forgotten, but at the same time I also feel sorry for his wife,” Ms Tinkle said.

Ms MacLeod told the court she was in a relationship with Mr McLeod and he was “not a good man”.

“He wasn’t a good person,” she said.”[He] was very angry and very violent.”

She also said she and Mr Mcleods “had a very long-standing argument”.

“It was a very sad and dark time for him,” she told the hearing.

“It just didn’t seem to make any sense, and that was very difficult for me.”

Magistrate Tinklers sentencing handed down a four-year jail term.

“This court will not tolerate violence against women and I am satisfied you will be convicted of manslaughter,” she ruled.

The judge said Mr MacLeod’s death had left a “deeply disturbed and grieving” family.

“You are a very disturbed woman, you have a history with violence, you are suffering from a mental illness,” she added.

“And you were responsible for the death.”

Jill and Keith Mcleod had a long history of arguing.

Jills mother was one of the first to hear of the tragic events that had taken place.

“They were very close, and Keith was very upset about his mother being in the room, so he left,” Jill McLeod said.

Jillian McLeod was the woman who took Keith’s life.

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