A new kind of ‘internship’ could make an important difference for students

Posted September 14, 2018 09:18:40 Last month, the Government unveiled its latest bid to recruit more staff to the country’s colleges and universities.

Its plan is to create a new “internship program” and give students a “unique opportunity” to work in the countrys biggest universities, such as Harvard, Stanford and the University of Cambridge.

But it is unclear if the new internships will be a permanent feature or merely a temporary one.

One of the key questions that will be asked is whether it will allow students to work with university staff to improve their own work experience, or if the work experience will be determined by the university and the job, rather than by the students.

Many of the interns will also have to apply to join a university within the next 12 months, meaning there will be significant work experience gaps between students and the new internship program.

“We’ve got to make sure that students are really prepared and they’re not just being recruited for temporary positions,” says Katherine McPherson, the former chief executive of the National Union of Students.

“[Students] have got to be fully prepared for that.

They have got an opportunity to work for the institution that they love, and they have got a chance to work on projects that they want to do.

We have to be sure that we are doing everything possible to make that happen.”

According to the Department of Education, the new program will allow the government to recruit 1,000 students from the current cohort of 1,600 to 2,000 by the end of 2019.

The Government hopes the interns’ work experience can improve the performance of students and help students become more professional, employable and employable in the future.

It said it wanted to “reduce the burden on students” by giving them the opportunity to become more productive, and also by creating a “career path for students”.

“This internship program will help students build and build on their own skills, and this will enable students to make a real contribution to the future of the nation,” said Education Minister Simon Birmingham.

However, the University and College Union of Australia has said the internship program is “not a good idea”, and will “encourage students to drop out of university”.

In an internal memo seen by the ABC, a former student said she was “embarrassed and disappointed” by the scheme.

Student Sarah Smeaton said the programme was a “disaster” and that it had left her “angry and hurt”.

She said she hoped the Government would take some of the pressure off its student body, and offer other “unconventional” options for students, such a apprenticeship, and paid internships.

Universities are already required to offer internships to students for the first six months of their studies, but Ms McPhersson says she wants to see the new scheme expanded to include more student work.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Council of Trade Unions said it would be “distressing” if universities were “being forced to make changes that have the potential to negatively affect the student experience”.

The ABC understands that the Government is considering a new proposal to make it easier for students to become a professional student.

This would include giving them more flexible work options, and giving them access to a professional job, such the teaching profession, or to a new business.

In a statement, the Department for Education said it was working on a proposal that would provide more “flexibility” to students, and would “encourage” them to apply for work experience.

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