How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook is a social network with more than a billion users.

The company uses technology to help users find each other, share information, and connect to their communities.

When you subscribe to Facebook, your information is shared with other users who share your interests and interests in the company.

This allows you to interact more with your friends and more freely with the world.

For example, when you sign up for Facebook, you can create a profile and choose a photo.

Facebook will then ask you for permission to share your photos with other people.

You can turn this on by using the “share picture” option at the top right of your profile picture.

Facebook has a set of policies on what content you can post and when.

These policies differ from country to country.

Facebook may only allow content that is relevant and accurate to the users of that country, and content that violates Facebook’s policies.

If you have information about Facebook policies, you should share it with your company and Facebook may contact you to verify whether it’s accurate.

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