Coca-Cola Co.: “We’ll stay” in Texas for months despite election ban

DALLAS — Coca-Cola Inc. plans to stay in Texas after its electoral-college-mandated ban on campaign contributions was struck down by the Supreme Court.

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday filed an emergency stay of the ruling, which the justices upheld in June.

The ban prevented the beverage giant from paying millions in state campaign-finance contributions.

The Supreme Court issued the stay after the justices said the lower court had correctly ruled that the ban was constitutional.

The justices also declined to hear a separate appeal by a nonprofit that challenged the ban.

The stay does not stop the court from making rulings on the legality of other aspects of the ban, such as whether it applies to corporate donations.

The stay applies to the full state, not just Texas, which is the only state that can impose it.

In addition to the stay, the justices also said they would consider petitions from groups seeking to overturn the ban and asked that the case be put on hold until the case is heard by the full court.

The stay will likely have no immediate impact on the way campaigns finance elections in the U.K., which has similar restrictions on contributions and expenditures.

Earlier this month, the British Parliament passed legislation that prohibits corporations from paying individual donors to political campaigns.

The move came after a string of high-profile corporate donations by British companies including Microsoft Corp. and HSBC Holdings Plc, and led to protests and boycotts.

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