How to make the most of Billboard ads

You may have noticed a trend in the media these days: There’s a lot more advertising spending than ever before.

And you can get a taste of the trend with this infographic from the New York Times, which shows how much each media outlet is spending on advertising in the US.

The chart includes a breakdown by channel, but here’s a quick look at each: ABC News: $18 billion a year in total advertising spend $1 billion of that in print ads $20 billion in TV ad spend ABC/Disney: ~$10 billion a season $8 billion in digital ads NBC:  ~$4 billion a week $2 billion in social media ads CNN:  $5 billion a day $3 billion in ad buys NBCUniversal:  $1 billion a month $7 billion in advertising buys ABC (and ESPN) ~70% of all TV ads ABC has spent about $15 billion a show since 2009, while ESPN has spent $6 billion a quarter since 2015. 

As for Billboard, it’s still the dominant media platform, but it has also seen a shift away from traditional advertising. 

According to the Times’ figures, it spent $1.1 billion on advertising during its prime time period in 2016.

That’s up $50 million from the year before, but the amount is still well below that of the network that is the main platform for the ads. 

The network also has been ramping up its advertising spend during the winter season, when it’s able to do more ads to boost viewership. 

In the summer and fall, Billboard spends a significant amount of its advertising on TV ads, too. 

This is the same season that the network has begun rolling out ads during Super Bowl ads, but Billboard has also spent heavily on ads during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and during the MLB All-Star game. 

That’s also been an area of growth for Billboards ads this year. 

For example, the network recently launched a new ad campaign that ran during the NBA All-Stars Game and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. 

There have also been more aggressive advertising campaigns, including a new “super PAC” campaign from the conservative group Americans for Prosperity that runs in a similar way to a super PAC. 

Billboards ads on YouTube and Instagram are also a way for advertisers to connect with their audience. 

At the same time, the channel has also taken steps to ensure that its ads do not overlap with the content of other channels. 

It recently announced that Billboards ad spend would be cut by 30% in 2020. 

If you’re an advertiser, it might be time to rethink how you’re spending your advertising dollars. 

Here’s how Billboards has spent its advertising dollars so far in 2017: advertising revenue for 2017: $1,564,800 advertising spend on ads in 2016: $2,974,900 advertising spending on ads for the 2017 Super Bowl ad: 1,921,900 ads on the Super Bowl in 2017 (this is based on the same ad spend that Billboard reported in 2016): $15,500,000 advertising spend for the NCAA Basketball Tournament ad: $3,400,000 advertising spent on ad for the MLB Super Bowl: 5,500 ads on TV during the Superbowl in 2017 advertising dollars spent during the 2017 NBA All Star Game ad:  $2,700,000

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